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Online Fundraising Courses with an International Expert

Do you want to start fundraising? Do you need donors, supporters, money to run your Mother Center?
We provide a 4 sessions fundraising webinar series for you with one of the most experienced international fundraiser expert, Liza Baranyai.

She provides interactive webinars about basics of fundraising (-strategy) and about fundraising and engagement communication, donor retention and many successful best practices around the world.  Join the webinars!

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Let’s build bridges

In times of physical distance we all are developing new routines. Mothercenters might be closed, but hearing already so many stories from around the world, we know this doesn’t stop in showing social solidarity and connection in a generously and creative way.

So we are inviting you to our call every first Friday of the month 17:00 – 18:30 CET

Join us and let’s talk about our biggest challenges, how we cope with the situation and let’s support each other!

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Equal Care Day

MINE Friday Zoom “Let’s build bridges” followed this year’s Equal Care Day of Action. We strive for a world in which care work is visible and recognized. If you missed the conversation, you can still watch the recorded video.

Unser Raum

Am Sonntag, 28. April 2019 um 18 Uhr eröffnen wir im Projektraum St. Maria als Eine Fotoausstellung mit Bildern des Stuttgarter Fotografen Frederik Laux und Interviews mit Bewohner*innen einer Romasiedlung in Belgrad.

Case Studies

Die Möglichkeiten politischer Beteiligung der internationalen Mütterzentren im Vergleich

By Manuela Stein da Silva Barbosa

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something great together!