Consolidating Community Building in Public Living Rooms – Project funded by Erasmus+

The ‘Consolidating Community Building in Public Living Rooms’ project funded by Erasmus+ is an initiative aimed at fostering community spirit and enhancing adult education within self-managed local spaces. Over the course of 19 months, starting from September 2023, we focus on making knowledge about public living rooms widely available, improving the quality of adult education offered in these spaces, and ensuring the sustainable management of such community hubs.

Project Timeframe:
19 Months (1st September 2023 – 31st March 2025)
Project Code: 2023-1-NL01-KA210-ADU-000153549

The project’s concrete objectives are to analyze the mechanics of community organizing within public living rooms, evaluate and enhance educational quality across nine key dimensions, and develop methods to facilitate the transfer of organizational knowledge to future community leaders.

By the end of the project, we aim to have a comprehensive analysis of public living room dynamics, a set of evaluated and refined educational tools, and strategies in place to maintain the continuity of these community spaces. Moreover, we anticipate strengthened cooperation and networking between participating organizations.

Participating Organizations:
Stichting Nest! (Netherlands)
MINE Mütterzentren Internationales Netzwerk für Empowerment e.V. (Germany)
Mother Nature – Anyatermészet Egyesület (Hungary)
UMC Únia materských centier (Slovakia)
Síť pro rodinu (Czech Republic)

Each organization brings its unique expertise and commitment to the project, ensuring a diverse and rich contribution towards the shared goals.

Stay tuned to our website for updates and progress on this transformative journey.