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This is MINE’s online library, the imprint of its history, the history of the development of the mother centers, the foundations on which we built our communities and are still building them today. Our common knowledge of all this and the opportunity to build further.

A space, a platform where you can meet others, build relationships, find partners, learn new things and share your own knowledge!

The best practices that belong to your parent community, your experience, and your organization, which made you who you are. And you can get to know other people’s methods and practices, whether it’s lobbying or fundraising!

Join it, use it, enjoy it!


What can you use the library for?

  • if you are interested in Mother Centers, either as a researcher or as a private person
  • if you want to start a mother center and don’t know how
  • if you like to develop your mother center
  • if you are looking for partners for international projects


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The online library was implemented within the “Let’s build Bridges” project, with the support of the State Ministry of Baden-Württenberg.

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Library contains: 

  • History of MINE, Mother Centers
  • Links, downloadable documents of MotherCenters
  • International Projects and learnings from MotherCenters
  • Useful content about how you can fund your own MotherCenter, how to finance and develop it
  • Network of MINE members, Mother Centers and mothers communities.

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