The Public Livingroom

by | May 24, 2023 | Unique Tools

The Public Livingroom is the core of a mother’s center, family center, and multi-generation house, intentionally designed for all families or citizens in a social area, regardless of their specific family structure. Mother centers have been offering this service for over 30 years since the 1980s, drawing from their extensive experience.

The Public Livingroom is “our space” – a safe environment where personal and group development can take place, benefiting the center, the social space, and society.

One of the key features of an open meeting is its low-threshold nature. There is no requirement for registration, fees, or regular attendance. Visitors can come and go as their life rhythm allows, with an uncomplicated and flexible approach. Open meetings intentionally do not follow a fixed program or course structure. Most open meetings provide coffee, drinks, and small snacks, and some even offer breakfast buffets or lunch menus. However, unlike commercial cafes, consumption is not mandatory. The focus is on facilitating exchange of ideas and fostering connections among visitors.

The Public Livingroom is considered the heart of mother and family centers, serving as a gateway and the first step towards accessing other services and offerings.

For the opening times of the centers, please refer to the websites of our member organizations.


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