The Future of Mother Centers

by | Jan 27, 2023 | Concept and history

Since the concept and the basic idea of ​​the mothers’ centers have demonstrably lost none of their topicality in the last 30 years, it is probably mainly the term “mothers’ center” that no longer seems to be up to date.

Mothers’ centers and open houses for young and old are self-organized social spaces, modern village fountains, in a society in which neighborhoods, friendships and a social network outside of family relationships are becoming increasingly important, especially for young families.

Mothers’ centers and open houses for young and old function according to the extended family system and work according to the motto “everyone helps everyone” and “together we can do what we need”. This is how colorful and lively centers are created that offer creative and unbureaucratic help, support and guidance for families in the social area.

The mothers’ centers in North Rhine-Westphalia activate sustainable civic engagement in the local community, are open to all visitors, see each other as inclusive, bundle the experience of generations and enable mutual support.


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