Open Access to Parent Education and Family Support – a Model for Argentina and South America?

by | Feb 11, 2018 | Blog, News

The international conference of women of the Mother Centers in Argentina, where we
could exchange experiences and knowledge of the long-standing work at the Mother
Centers across the ocean – has been a two-year old dream, which came true this year,
from the 13th to the 16th October 2016.
Low Budget, a lot of personal engagement, flexibility and most of all the strong will of

the participants have made this dream come true. Besides the women of the Mine-
Management board Andrea Laux, Ingrid Bregenzer (Germany) and Emese Domösi

(Hungary), Waltraud Erharter and Petra Steinegger from the network of Mother Centers
of South Tyrol were also present, at their own expense, in Buenos Aires. They came to
help Renate Stein, the initiator of the Mother Center Suarez and Manager of Mine with
the organization of the first South American Conference. Besides the women of the first
Argentinian Mother Center in Suarez in the Province of Buenos Aires, Luciana Oliveira
Mendoza, Juliana Mozer and Manuela Stein da Silva Barbosa of the first Mine- Mother
Center initiatives from Goiânia and São Paulo in Brazil also attended the conference.
Although we had to manage ourselves without an interpreter during the first day of the
conference, due to the shortage of budget funds, we quickly noted that our hearts beat
together for these reasons:
‟To create better living conditions for our children and families, to care for the
normalization and peace in our neighborhoods, to assume responsibilities, to contribute
to the development of sensible areas, to impart education, health provisions and
sustainability in the first 1000 days of our children, and to support each other in this

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