Laid table for everyone

by | May 24, 2023 | Unique Tools

“A laid table for everyone!” is a project by the Mothers’ Forum in Baden-Württemberg, the Reutlingen Mothers’ and Neighborhood Center, and the elkiko Tübingen Family Center Integration, funded during the project period from June 2016 to May 2017. The project aims to promote participation despite poverty and overcome cultural and social barriers between strangers, neighbors, people of different backgrounds, and citizens with varying financial situations.

In 2020, the Mothers’ Forum actively participated in the nationwide focus year against child poverty, organizing events such as the online dialogue discussion “Together for a good upbringing of children” in July and the workshop “A set table” in October in Rheinfelden, supported by the Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration with funds from the state of Baden-Württemberg as part of the “Strong Children – Opportunities” strategy.

The Mothers’ Forum also raises awareness about poverty prevention and participation opportunities for children and young people in Baden-Württemberg, as highlighted in the state report on “Participation opportunities for children and young people in Baden-Württemberg” published in April 2021, where the Mothers’ Forum’s approach to poverty prevention and raising awareness is featured as a practical example in the chapter on “Parent and family education as a tool for prevention and security of participation” on page 50/51.

The project “A laid table for everyone!” (2016/2017) was documented and reviewed, and there were articles and news coverage about events, visits to other mother and family centers, and discussions with those affected, interested parties, decision-makers, and families of the center. The project involved setting up tables in Reutlingen and Tübingen for discussions and exchanges, and it traveled to other locations in Baden-Württemberg to share experiences and engage with local communities.


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