Grundtvig learning partnership 2013-2015 “public living room – a safe space for learning”

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In the partnership, 7 parent-child center/mother center/family center networks from 6 countries worked together. Parent-Child Centers/Mother Centers/Family Centers are open spaces where parents meet and organize.

Despite all regional differences, there is one thing in all centers: the open meeting place. Named for this project: “the public living room”. It is the heart of every MC, you can come with the children or alone at any time, drink coffee, make contacts, get information and advice.

In the learning partnership we described the qualities of the open space, how it works and what is needed for it. As a central aspect, the topic of “safety” – comprehensively and divided into 11 sub-topics – was discussed and worked out.

We consider security to be one of the most important values ​​in life and have traced it, where we encounter it in everyday life and how we as families/parents – and especially as a parent-child center – can shape security ourselves.

In the parent-child-centres/mother-centres, empowerment arises primarily from dealing with values. We used the learning partnership to approach the review of values ​​in a structured, transparent and comprehensible manner.

The individual topics were worked on at the same time at different levels and groups (organizational level, employees and visitors), and the results were brought together at the partner meetings. Each partner organization chose a sub-topic for each year, for which they were responsible (“hosts”), created a basis for discussion, which was discussed in their own environment and passed on to the partners. The results of the discussion were compiled by the “hosts” into a topic paper and processed and deepened during the partner meetings using various methods at learning partner level.

This resulted in 6 topics per year, which were coordinated and managed by different partners. Peer learning – supported and supplemented by formal learning – corresponds to the structures of the parent-child center / mother center movement.

The individual topics and, as a result of the discussion, the associated topic papers:

Grundtvig learning partnership 2011-2013 “Mother Centers developing support structures for active volunteer involvement”


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