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by | May 24, 2023 | Unique Tools

Reflect on the open meeting

Clara is a tool for reflection for the open meeting and a tool for family self-help – together, self-organized groups can gain a different perspective on the open meeting.

LATEST: Our crowdfunding campaign on startnext.com was successful! The production of Clara sets is complete. We look forward to inquiries for sets and invitations to workshops and impulses on-site. Contact us via the office (geschaeftsstelle@muetterforum.de) or Andrea Laux. The film and information about Clara are still available on startnext:


The open meeting place is considered the heart of mother and family centers and is often referred to as the “public living room.” It serves as a door opener and a first step to other services. The need to convey the diversity of mother and family centers, which has so far been mainly conveyed verbally through the open meeting, was the reason for developing the Clara reflection tool. The name “Clara” is derived from the Latin word “clārus” and stands for clarity, comprehensibility, and the creation of transparency.

On the one hand, Clara, the reflective tool, is about the design of the physical space, and on the other hand, it is about the attitude that characterizes this family education offering and makes the open meeting possible in the first place, i.e., about an inner space.

With the Clara handbook and the development of the reflection tool, we aim to provide tools and food for thought that can help further develop the design of open meetings through conscious decisions and targeted actions based on informal and traditional knowledge. Through collaborative activities, place development, and reflection on joint activities, the professional competence of those involved grows.

Clara helps us understand the current situation in our community and focuses our attention on what truly matters to us.

Clara can serve as a “collective conscience” and an analytical tool for decision-making.

Clara helps us strengthen qualities such as self-reflection and mindfulness and cultivate warning signals and support structures when we are overwhelmed by conflicts and stress.

The project team

Clara was created in the Baden-Württemberg Mothers’ Forum and was developed by a three-person project team:

Andrea Laux,

Prof. Dr. Anne Katrin Schuhrer,

and Christiane Zenner-Siegmann

Corporate design and creative development:

Luisa Händle, Weidner Händle Atelier, Stuttgart

We wish you fruitful discussions and creative solutions for your open meeting!



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